Sarap Filipino BBQ

Filipino Adobo with Rice and Cassava Cake Recipe Box


Serves 4

We're kicking off our Chef Recipe Box with a belter. Filipino-Australian Chef, Budgie Montoya, has made his Brixton restaurant, Sarap, the unofficial home of Filipino cooking in the UK. Budgie has put together a recipe box with two of his favourite dishes: Adobo Chicken Thighs and Pork Belly with Jasmine Rice and his famous Cassava Cake. Your box comes with everything needed to make both dishes along with guided recipes. Adobo is the widely considered the national dish of the Philippines. It's an irristable dish of braised chicken thighs and pork belly in a tangy, garlicy and sticky soy-based sauce. It goes best with Budgie's moorish Cassava Cake with it's delicious creamy and caremelised texture. 

Additional equipment and ingredients needed:

Large pot for braising

1 tbsp of Oil for frying 

50g Caster or Granulated Sugar

10g Plain Flour

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