Wolf & Lamb Home Deliveries

Express Virtual Drinks


The condensed version of Wolf & Lamb's staple Virtual Drinks bundle. Something to quench your thirst and snack on, whether it's on a virtual drinks call, or just kicking back in front of the tele.

We have two versions, for the alcohol drinkers, and the non-alcohol drinkers.


Inclusions for Alcohol Drinkers

  • Spicy Brindisa Broadbeans or Maize Kernels
  • Candy Kittens, Propercorn
  • Tony's Chocolonely Bar
  • 2 Camden Beers

For Non Alcohol Drinkers:

  • Perello Gherkins or Hot Peppers
  • Torres Vegetable Crisps
  • Candy Kittens
  • Tony's Chocolonely Bar
  • 4 San Benedetto Ice Teas

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