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The Weekly Shop


This bundle contains all the essentials for your weekly shop. Everything is sourced from our artisan suppliers and features farm fresh milk and Clarence Court eggs. Add to it with some meat from our Butchery or some Lentils and Chickpeas from our Pantry and you have yourself a good few meals for the week. You can expect a variety of super fresh fruit, veg and dairy along with some pasta. While specific products may vary depending on market availability, a sample box includes:

1 Pack of Pasta 500g

1 Bottle Italian Passata 680g

6 x Free Range Eggs

 1 x Salted Farmhouse Butter 250g 

1 x Estate Dairy Milk or Oat Milk 

1 x Parmigiano Reggiano 

Selection of the following:

Vine Tomatoes / Cucumber / Avocados / Salad Leaves / Carrots / Red Onions / Salad Potatoes / Bag Baby Spinach / Kale / Pears / Peaches / Aubergine / Broccoli / Apples / Oranges / Bananas / Bunch Red Grapes / Lemon / Limes / Garlic / Herbs

As we cope with demand, substitutions may happen sometimes. 

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